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How to advertise in The Painswick Beacon

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There are two main types of advertising in the Painswick Beacon – Box adverts which appear at the bottom of most pages, and Mini-Ads that usually appear on the inside back cover. Both are limited in space terms – overall advertising is restricted to no more than 20% of the available space.

Advertisers take full responsibility for the content and accuracy of their adverts. If the Beacon makes a mistake in the printing of an advert, and it substantially detracts from the advert, the charge for that one advert will be waived provided the Beacon is notified immediately after its publication. If the Beacon fails to publish an advert, payment for that advert will be refunded. Advertising requests are accepted on the understanding that the Beacon has no other liabilities whatsoever.

Box adverts

Box adverts provide advertisers with a specified advert size and the use of logos and other artwork is permitted. The main allocation of space for the year (12 months from April) takes place in February, though bookings are accepted through the year if space is available. Booking Request Forms, which provide size and price details, are usually available from mid-January. Discounts are provided for advertisers requesting the same advert in 6 or 12 issues. A completed Booking Request Form is required from all advertisers.

Click here for Box Advert Booking Request Form

Click here for Box Advert Booking Request Formǂ


Mini-Ads are primarily restricted to sales by private residents and business services based in Painswick. Both are limited to a maximum of 30 words. No more than 3 adverts may be inserted in any six month period for the same business/service. Mini-Ads can be submitted up to the deadline for copy for each issue of the Beacon, though advertisers are encouraged to submit their requests earlier to avoid disappointment. Price details available on booking form. Payment is required in advance.

Click here for Mini-Ads/Business Booking Form

Click here for Mini-Ads Booking Formǂ

All Adverts

The Beacon aims to give priority to individuals and businesses resident in the civil parish of Painswick, but may limit the number of adverts offering similar services. From businesses based outside the parish, the Beacon looks to achieve a range of relevant services.

The Beacon requires the contact name, address and valid phone/email details for all advertisers.

ǂ If dates on booking form do not cover dates required, or for any other queries, please contact the Advertising member of The Team as shown on home page.